Q&A with Jon Pitman, Chief Executive at Cold Clad Limited.

Why did you engage with Arthur? Arthur was introduced to me by my Solicitor during a very difficult time where one of our group companies were in a serious fall out with a German partner. Arthur spent a number of meetings understanding our issues and gave some great advice and perspective on these issues. It was clear that Arthur had a wealth of experience to offer myself and my business, and is now on board coaching, mentoring, advising and helping to shape our business and senior management team in all areas moving forward.

What you have got from your time with Arthur? Very clear, sensible, direct advice and solutions for me personally, my business goals and my business colleagues’ professional development. Arthur has also introduced some very impressive colleagues from his network to help us develop the key financial areas of the business.

How did Arthur deliver it? Arthur has an expert way of delivering professional, straight talking, sensible feedback that is well received by all parties. Arthur is very commercially aware, and his analytical approach is based on his real world experience. Arthur’s way of breaking down the issues to get rid of the `noise` and focus on the root causes are very clear to all. You don’t leave a meeting with Arthur without a very clear understanding and direction for the issues discussed.

Why is Arthur different to other coaches? Arthur’s experience is from the real world and not repeated from text books. He is very approachable, takes the time to get to know the person, listens and understands the issues before offering focused advice and solutions.

Are you getting real value (and added value) where it counts? Absolutely. Myself and the senior management team are benefitting significantly from Arthur’s input. His advice, expertise and experience are very welcome and myself and the team look forward to the time we spend with Arthur.

Arguably management’s most important function. I work tirelessly to help my clients excel in this area, but this poem, a gift from the staff of the business I/we built together from nothing over 20 years, and sold in 2015 says more about leadership than I ever could. I am forever grateful.

Effective and focused networking is such a vital part of any business leader’s growth strategy. Building networks and trusted circles is critical for both direct and indirect growth opportunities. Here I discuss with Leon from Fore Business how I’m using this great networking forum for this essential purpose.