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The Mavericus Promise

In 2015 I sold my company, Aimteq, for a life-changing sum, which enabled me to retire aged 53, provide my family with security, as well as reward the staff who helped me get there. We were also awarded Britain’s No 1 SME by the DTI in 2000. None of this was easy from where I started out in life and I learnt a lot on the way. By using this knowledge and experience I wish to inspire and support other business owners.  As an entrepreneur myself, I also understand that your business is unique to you and therefore needs equally unique solutions to make it succeed.

I will only take on a client if I really think I can help transform the business and truly help the owner. If I do, I make a serious commitment: I will guarantee quantifiable results in four months or I will coach you for free until they are achieved, as long as you have attended all the coaching sessions and implemented all the agreed actions and decisions. (This guarantee applies to clients who sign up on an annual retainer basis.)

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